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Thanks Henk!

Last updated: Aug 14, 2003

Great site Henk! How can I do something in return?

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You could donate some money, using paypal.

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 Donate software

My hobbies are creating digital art and making computer related music. Be aware that I'm asking for software that runs under Microsoft Windows!!

For creating music I would like to have the following software: For creating the digital stuff I would like to have the following plugins:
Please do NOT send me some illegal or warez cd. I want the real thing, registered on my name.

When sending me something, please note:
  1. I'm living in The Netherlands (Europe) and Fedex is not freeware.
  2. Try to keep the invoice amount for customs below 50 Euro. When the invoice amount is above this value I must pay for additional import licence fee and tax.
  3. Also when you send used hardware (not new) you should write this on your customs invoice.
  4. Use the exact information from the shipping address label below.
  5. When sending me something please use proper package. Use an anti-static bag and foam! Also include a note with at least your name, so I can thank you.

Shipping address...
Mr. Henk de Jong
(Private person, not a company)
Oosteinde 85
3925 LB Scherpenzeel GLD
The Netherlands
(Working address)

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When you own a website or homepage, create a link to the NU2 site (see how to link to nu2). Then submit your website or homepage to Google.
This will help me getting my page higher in google's pagerank.

If English is your first language, you can check my pages for spelling or typing errors and let me know. Since English is my second language I can easily make a spelling or typing error without seeing it...

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