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Relaxation logo (created by Henk)

Relaxation, the tune is out here!

Created: Aug 31, 2002

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It has been a while since I created Desire but I have been buzy lately with Relaxation and a mp3 player. I have got a terrific birthday present from my partner, the "Stylus Vinyl Groove Module". It really rocks! You should checkout the video on the Spectrasonics website to see what I mean. The tune Relaxation was already halfway when I got the Stylus Module but I managed to get some into the tune.

Relaxation is "again" a happy tune but a little less then Nu2Buzz. It was composed/created with Fruityloops (FLStudio). Don't flame me with the Buzz - Fruity war because I don't know exactly what the war is all about. I really like them both and I don't like wars.

With Fruity I am learning to use the Compressor. I think you can hear the difference with the previous tunes. It's a big step forward. If you have any tips to create a fat sound or to let the composition breathe, please mail me. It's a bit hard to explain the breathing thing because english isn't my first language. I think it is the difference between the warmth of an LP and a little less warmth sound of a CD.